Biography of the Artist Greg Gillespie

1961 - Born in Sydney to Jim and Betty Gillespie, both artists.

1966 - Creates first memorable drawing of Rock Sullivan, from the Flintstones TV cartoon.

1969 - Wins first award age 8 for Health Week Schools competion

1975 - Wins award for Design Car of the Future for the Holden Motor Company

1979 - Graduates High School at Marist Brothers North Sydney

1982 - Graduates School of Design as Graphic Designer

1983 - Works as advertising airbrush illustrator

1990 - Portrait and landscape painting begins

1992 - Studies portraitue at the Royal Art Society

1993 - Wins Highly Commmended Award in the Drumoyne Art Prize

1996 - Begins work with Apple Computers to create digital art and websites

1999 - Creates Logosafe - Digital Asset Manaagment company or online storage of artwork

2002 - Recreates the Bananas In Pyjamas in 3D digital illustations for the ABC

2004 - Creates Happy Customers word of mouth social networking website

2008 - Begins to paint pet portraits and begins abstract expressionism paintings